Pirographic curves through the magic of hand-tuftingGIRO’s design is based on a succession of mathematical curves which, thanks to a slight variation in their shapes, generate the optical illusion of a tube rolled up on itself. lts meandering textures and reliefs result in designs with movement that add a playful touch. GIRO rugs are handmade […]


«Valencia Pavillon. The future is design» For 2022 Valencia is nominated the World Capital of Design, as a teaser and to start presenting the essence, richness and creativity of the city, WDC Valencia 2022 commissioned to MUT Design the design for a traveling exhibition that had its take off during the Madrid Design Festival 2021. The base of the […]


The starting point of the collection was Ames’s exceptional fabrics used in the manufacture of hammocks. We have developed a new way of weaving by just modifying one thread in the weft, we managed to create different nuances of colour and levels of depth. Our intention was designing an outdoor seating collection that would be […]


Inspired by computer motherboards and the flamboyant spacecrafts of the Starwars saga, this very limited edition of sci-fi vases (up to 4 pieces at most) is a twist on the glass fusing technique and also the first collaboration under the aegis of Bruto. This process allows for fusing together two or more pieces of glass […]


Light and soft like a flower puffing up in the spring breeze. Petale is a small handy chair made of just stainless steel and weather-resistant textile. Nothing more, nothing less. Its sloping backrest stands as an invitation to lay back and relax. Suitable for outdoor use but also great indoors, it is a minimialist design […]


«RAICES» by MUT. A futuristic look to the past. For the second part of our anniversary we created a artistic installation during Fouri Salone di Milano 2021. «Raíces»is the most artistic installation we designed so far. Two spaces : one outdoor and one indoor – a perfect fit as we have always tried to blur […]


When the genius of Borges imagined the Library of Babel, he surely had in mind rows of wooden shelves with books neatly arranged. Tomo lamp, with its pure lines and geometrical simplicity, would be the transposition of this fantastic concept into contemporary design. Made of wood veneer with dimmable LED and a light-filtering diffuser, the suspension lamp replicates […]


Inspired by the leg extension machines that can be found in any gym worldwide, Roll chair is as tricksy as Magritte’s famous pipe but the other way round because it is indeed a chair. In fact, it is a comfortable seat offering rest to those in need of a pause. No tough leg routine here. […]


With a tube pressed into the sphere, Plum has this evocative heart-shaped hollow we found in some fruits like plums or cherries. We wanted to create something unexpected and fun because tubes and bulbs are usually placed behind the lampshade and not at plain sight. Plum is what you get when you turn a lamp […]


Light and soft like a flower puffing up in the spring breeze. Petale is a small handy chair made of just stainless steel and weather-resistant textile. Nothing more, nothing less. Its sloping backrest stands as an invitation to lay back and relax. Suitable for outdoor use but also great indoors, it is a minimialist design […]


A tribute to the age of connectivity and hiperlinks, Link rugs are all but cutting-edge technology. In fact, it is a hand-crafted collection based on the combination of hardwearing polypropylene ropes of different thickness to create a rich texture with distinctive levels and seductive bas-relieves. The use of varied ropes allows for the introduction of […]


The Das Haus – Interiors on Stage installation simulates a residential house at the fair imm Cologne. The fair constructs a 180-square-metre house designed according to the plans of a designer who is newly nominated every year. And in 2020 we were invited to design our dreamhouse for Das Haus. We titled our project “A […]


Inspired by the tiled roofs of typical Spanish architecture, Bow is a collection of wall tiles most suitable for interiors and showers. This new collection for Harmony was specifically developed for our Das Haus project and consists of attracive pieces of ceramic with a very characteristic and original concave shape. Bow comes in a 15×45 […]


Variety is a pleasure. aspa, our first collaboration with the high-end German brand pulpo, is a simple study in geometry. An expression of pulpo’s love, which is also our own love, of glass in all its forms, this series of side tables comes in three different sizes and four different colours: grey, rose, yellow and […]


With its enveloping shell-like backrest, Armadillo is a long-sought revision of a vintage rattan piece we all love: the papasan. But this is our radically free and joyfully postmodern version. A while after Nautica, we explore once again the fantastic world of rattan thanks to Expormim. We were eager to work with a material we […]


Ply, our first collection for GAN, is all about mesmerizing patterns, organic shapes and enveloping textures. This set of hand-tufted rugs is built by juxtaposing in the most exquisite way layers of tightly woven loops. But while traditional tufting loops are sheared at the final stage of the process, in Ply they remain uncut allowing […]


Loop is a compact table lamp consisting of two concentric ellipses looping around an opaque LED lens which is set into a metallic base. The first ellipse, made of wood veneer, works as a diffuser while the second ellipse, made of metal, is not just decorative, but also acts as a useful handle. In a […]


Lens is a family of table, floor and wall lamps defined by its flowing lines, no hard edges. With its shade of wood veneer, Lens enhances the warmth of the material. Its softness, elegant colour palette (gold, white, black or copper) and dim light reinforce this sense of warmth. It comes in two shade types, […]


Inspired by the abstract works of one of the earliest European graphic designers, Josef Albers, and the pieces of furniture of Art Nouveau architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Grids wallpaper consists of a series of parallel straight lines. Depending on the chosen composition, they may run horizontally or vertically, unperturbed except for three perpendicular […]


X-Stool is smart as it is simple. If you are the type of person who always ends up with a couple of spare screws and the gut feeling something is not working, then X-Stool is what you were looking for. Just two pieces, delivered in a flat pack, no tools or extra components required. Composed […]


Nudo is a multifunctional wall-mounted or hanging shelving system featuring different bidimensional modules and an airy metal structure available in two elegant finishes: black and copper. It is a versatile object conceived to meet the requirements of contemporary interiors. Accessories such as mirrors, container trays and leather pockets can be added to the structure in […]


Imagine an ink sketch, handmade, a single black stroke on the whitest sheet of paper. And then translate it into a real chair. What you get is Minima, a graphic design made tangible. Minima is a simple coffee chair, physically and visually tiny but extremely versatile. Thanks to its stackability and lightness, Minima is most […]


For ISO, we drew inspiration from isometric conversions and the possibility to represent 3D objects in two dimensions. ISO tiles put the human eye’s predefined perceptions to the test. It is a collection of 30 x 30 cm square tiles made of porcelain and reflecting the essence of traditional ceramics. Its geometrical design is the […]


As any conventional mirror, when you look into DUO, it shows your reflected image, but this collection of three sculptural mirrors, devised for the annual group exhibition curated by digital magazine SightUnseen, also accomplish a decorative function. Each mirror consists of two bent metal sheets: one is extremely polished while the other presents a hand-brushed […]


Adjustability and an exquisite blend of materials. These are the main features of Arco. The seed of Arco, as its name points out, was the arch, a very simple geometrical shape yet so inspiring. Conceived as a piece of bathroom furniture with an integrated mirror and a shelving system hidden behind the glass, Arco can […]


The trophy for the Archiproducts Design Awards 2018 was a limited-edition object which mimicked the shape of its logo. We were asked to transmit the power of the brand-designer connection in a very visual way. Our inspiration was the Möbius strip, an out-of-this-world topological space with an endless artistic potential. In a Möbius strip, up […]


Grill is our first collection for Diabla, the youngest brand of Gandia Blasco. It is composed by a chair, an armchair, a sofa, a stool, a side table and a centerpiece, all made of square aluminum tube with a very particular shape that brings to mind barbecue grills. Hence the name. Grill introduces a linear […]


The Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition “Wellness & Wonder”, that took place in 2018 in Milan, was intended as a design spa for self-renewal and a sanctuary of contemporary craft. The collection of showcased accessories focused on lifestyle improvement. We partnered for the first time with Preciosa Lighting to design a table lamp which was a sculptural […]


Beetle is a range of acoustic wall panels inspired by insects. Sancal had been working for some time with a new technical material that could absorb background noise. They introduced us to this material and asked us to design a new product that had to be functional, but also a piece of decoration. Beetle stands […]


NUC, meaning ‘knot’ in Catalan, is a tile collection for the top-of-the-range décor brand Harmony Inspire by Peronda. NUC features mesh-mounted mosaics formed by simple 4.5 cm glass tesserae. This time we took inspiration from the Gestalt principles. According to these, the mind has an innate disposition to perceive patterns in the stimulus based on […]


Duplex is a small range of side tables inspired by the organic architecture of Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright. Duplex tables bring to mind waterfalls as the different superposed levels cascade one over another when put together. There is a common element to the whole collection: the top tray. It can add […]


Two products, an armchair and a three-seater sofa, were the germ of this fabulous seating collection. Elegant and yet fun, its design is inspired by construction block games and the principle of “opposites attraction”. Basic geometric shapes, like cubes and prisms, adapt to organic shapes. The harshness of the base is counteracted by the soft […]


Twins collection was born as two “genetically similar” armchairs, both featuring a high-resistance tube aluminium frame and upholstered curved backs. Our idea was delivering a couple of non-identical twin chairs with a strong personality. This is why they can work together or separately. The “male” sibling is taller and has a more squared structure; the […]


Onza (ounce, from lat. uncia): a. A unit of weight in the US Customary System, an avoirdupois unit equal to 437.5 grains (28.5 grams). || b. Each of the parts or equal squares into which the chocolate bar is divided. || c. A collection of ceramic tiles created by MUT Design for Harmony. Onza is […]


Cooking is a pleasure, a leisure activity, something you share with family and friends. To this end, Float breaks with the rigidity prevailing in modern kitchens. We want the kitchen to be at the heart of our home and bring back the time when families gathered around the pots and the fire. Each one of […]


With Scales we seeked to reproduce the vibrancy and dynamism of the iridescent skin of fishes as they ripple under water. The white smooth tiles are not completely flat. They have a little extra volume on the reverse that causes them to rise off the surface exposing the neon tones outlining two of their rear […]


Nautica swing chair was our personal tribute to one of the first pieces created by Expormim in the 70s. But it was also an opportunity to recover and rethink the use of rattan. Nautica evokes the contrasts found in the natural world through a delicate and ever-changing game of shadows that brings to mind the […]